About Us

What We Do

Clinics Can Help (CCH) accepts gently used and new durable medical equipment (DME) from individuals and organizations and makes it available to patients who may not otherwise be able to afford such expensive equipment for their physical recovery. It is the only organization of its kind in Florida and one of the largest in the U.S. that provides this critical assistance.

DME includes a wide range of costly equipment that is integral in helping patients heal, rehabilitate and recover from traumatic and chronic conditions. CCH provides the following equipment and more: traditional and motorized wheelchairs for adults and children, home hospital beds, medical air mattresses, walkers, nebulizers, shower chairs, bedside commodes, incontinent briefs and wound care supplies.

Established in 2005 by hospice nurse Owen O’Neill, who recognized the need, CCH has grown into a reputable not-for-profit agency, 501(c)3, that helps thousands of people annually.

Did you know… a home hospital bed, which allows a client to breathe more effectively, prevents falls and skin breakdown and allows them to get up on their own, costs between $2,000-$10,000?

How We Help

Clients find CCH when they need us. Through an in-depth network of partners and supporters, CCH receives referrals from free clinics, local hospitals and more than 20 medical agencies in Palm Beach County alone. Information providers, such as 211, also refer clients to CCH. However, a significant majority of our clients come through “word of mouth” – one family telling another how they were helped.

Clients fill out simple paperwork that allows CCH to track who is using our services and why, then our staff lends out the equipment from our Palm Beach County headquarters/warehouse. CCH staff conducts periodic check-ups to ensure the equipment is being used and that the clients are satisfied.

Donations of equipment are also generated through referrals. Our corporate partners learn of CCH through the media, our funders and our medical partners. CCH has received new and used durable medical equipment and supplies from individuals, medical supply companies, hospitals, schools and “lending closets” of other nonprofits.

Did you know... CCH helps thousands of new clients and hundreds of returning clients every year? Clients come back when they find they still need help.

Why are you called “Clinics Can Help”?

In 2005, local hospice nurse Owen O’Neill kept receiving special requests from his patients.

“They wanted me to do something with the wheelchairs and home hospital beds that were left when their loved ones passed away,” O’Neill said. “Looking at it reminded them of the pain and suffering their family members had endured.”

Knowing how expensive the equipment was, O’Neill began offering it to the medical clinics he knew served patients with limited incomes or who had little to no insurance. The free/low-cost clinics were the first “outlets” for the donated durable medical equipment, so the new service was called “Clinics Can Help.”

However, it wasn’t long before he started getting referrals from local hospitals, doctors offices, and medical agencies as he was becoming known for his ability to recycle medical equipment among families in need.

More calls, clients, donations and support led to the official formation of the nonprofit organization. O’Neill left his hospice position to become Executive Director of Clinics Can Help, where he continues to spearhead its growth and development.

Words from Those We've Helped

“You took the time to care by asking about my son Casey's condition. Then with your knowledge you began to GIVE MORE than I asked for. You said you will need this and that etc ... I was both overwhelmed with ALL that was NEEDED and How Much this is going to COST? I pulled out my check book and asked How Much? You said Nothing!! I cried, no one in my life has ever cared to offer us help and for free Clinics Can Help does help!!!!”

-Barry Bicknell